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Dear Spring Valley Neighbors:
If you are new to the neighborhood, welcome! There are a few things we'd like you to be aware of that will make your life in Spring Valley easier. If you've been here awhile, we hope you'll find this a helpful summary of familiar facts.

HOMEOWNER'S ASSOCIATION: If you are a Spring Valley property owner, you are
automatically a member of the Spring Valley Homeowners Association. You are obligated to pay monthly dues to the HOA, through the property manager. Delinquency in making payments results in additional cost to the HOA, and could ultimately result in having a lien filed against your property. You are encouraged to use automatic bank draft or use the online payment option to pay your dues regularly and timely. If you need a link to register for online payments, please contact us at .  +top

GOVERNANCE. Under the By-Laws of the Spring Valley HOA (posted on the website), the affairs of the HOA and matters of concern to the members are managed by a Board of Directors. The Board is elected by the members of the HOA at the annual meeting. You will receive notice of this meeting. +top

COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS. The developer of Spring Valley declared a set of
covenants that restrict the use of property in Spring Valley. A set of these covenants is posted on the website, but can also be obtained from the property manager or from the Orange County Register of Deeds. The Board of Directors is empowered to enforce the covenants and to pass reasonable rules implementing the covenants. +top

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW. Under the Covenants, all changes to structures require
PRIOR approval by the architectural review committee. A detailed set of guidelines adopted by a previous Board is posted on the website. The architectural review requirements are for everyone's protection. While they may seem inconvenient when changes to your own property are considered, they are invaluable in preventing changes that may undermine the quality, harmony, and value of the neighborhood. Undertaking changes covered by the architectural review process without prior review and approval, subjects you to the risk of being required to come into compliance, including potentially removing the changes you have made. +top

MAIL and MAIL HOUSE. The US Postal Service delivers mail to the mail house. You
will need to coordinate with the previous owner to obtain a mailbox assignment, keys to the mailbox, and the code to the mail house itself. The mail house is cleaned regularly by persons hired by the property manager. Report problems to the property manager, Joel Duvall at A2Z Realty, Inc. 919-933-1422 or +top

COURIERS. Courier services, Federal Express and UPS, for example, deliver to your

GARBAGE, RECYCLING AND YARD WASTE. The Town of Carrboro has regular times for pickup of garbage, recycling and yard waste. You are responsible for providing a rollout garbage container, which may be obtained from the Town. Recycling containers can also be obtained from the Town of Carrboro, call 919-918-7425. At present, garbage is picked up on Thursdays, recycling on Friday, and yard waste 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. Schedules can be obtained from the Town, which also provide information on places and methods for disposal of larger items and household hazardous materials. Also see +top

PARKING. Residents are kindly requested to park all cars that are customarily parked at your house on your driveway or other parking area, and not on the street, if possible. This is a safety and convenience issue. Parked cars can block emergency and service vehicles, and also create blind spots from which children can dart. There are some overflow parking spaces available at the mail house (please respect the spaces reserved for mail pick-up, however), and on the island in Rock Spring Court. +top

POND. The pond, together with the other common areas, is for the enjoyment of all
property owners and residents. The pond requires a certain amount of maintenance and
monitoring to ensure that it remains an asset and not a problem for the neighborhood. Again, voluntary cooperation in keeping the pond clean and healthy is necessary. PLEASE do not introduce domesticated waterfowl or other animals to the pond. +top

PETS. In accordance with Carrboro ordinance, all dogs must be on leashes. Dog owners
are required to clean up after their dog. Do not use your neighbors' property when walking your dog. A dog waste station is located at the intersection of Spring Valley Rd and Waterside Dr for your convenience. +top